Joy of Print is a new design studio founded by the visionary designer Cath Kidston MBE. Following on from the success of her eponymous global brand, Cath is now working independently and has set up a new team to specialise in print design. 
The house’s handwriting reflects Cath’s joyful approach to design, creating beautiful print in an entirely unique and refreshing way. The studio has created a portfolio of work representing its distinctive style: joyous, heritage print with a truly modern aesthetic.
This vision taps into Cath’s creative blueprint, which has been a lifetime in the making. From her earliest memories of the colours and prints of her childhood home to her work as a successful interior designer, print has always been at the fore. When Cath went on to found her 'glorified junk shop’, Cath Kidston Ltd, which became a cult, then global, success, she truly earned her title “The Queen of Print”.


The Joy of Print studio does not bring out seasonal collections, but instead creates timeless work with a collectable appeal. The studio uses its archive of classic print in select collaborations with like-minded brands across a range of products, from homewares to fashion.​


As well as their collaborative work, Joy of Print also design collections on commission for relevant partners. See Collaborations page for our current ranges. 


“It is an absolute joy to be focusing on print design again, something that is truly in my DNA. I am so excited to be building this beautiful new Joy of Print brand and to have the opportunity to collaborate with those special companies I hold in such esteem and whose values I share.”

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